Beth & Flo and Lejo!

20-07-2017 08:26

Ladies and gentlemen, we present… Beth & Flo and Lejo! Yes, this funny and witty hand puppet (check out his YouTube channel or his website!) is going to play the piano together with us, while we join him in all kinds of adventures. Four hands on one piano, puppet show, film, projection, sound effects and lots of fun!

On August 17 we will give three performances with Lejo during the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. For all children aged 2 and above, so basically for everyone! Can you tell from the loving look in our eyes how much we’re looking forward? :)

Information and ticket sale can be found on the website of the Grachtenfestival. Hope to see you there!

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Our next performance:

Thu 17 August 2017

12:00 PM

Junior Grachtenfestival: Beth & Flo and Lejo

Kloveniersburgwal 50
1012 CX Amsterdam

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Beth & Flo: F. Poulenc - Capriccio d'après le Bal masqué

Live recording of pianoduo Beth & Flo in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 18th January 2017. F. Poulenc: Capriccio d'après le Bal masqué.

Recording with special thanks to Blink. (

Beth & Flo: R. Naeff - The Aftermath

Recording of pianoduo Beth & Flo: R. Naeff - The Aftermath.

Beth & Flo: A. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance op. 72 no. 2 in e minor

Recording of Pianoduo Beth & Flo: A. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance op. 72 no. 2 in e minor.

Beth & Flo: EYE Filmbal 2016

We made our own soundtrack for the silent film 'Le Charmeur' (1907) based on works of Poulenc, Chopin, Shostakovich en Debussy.

Beth & Flo: The trailer of Slaande Ovatie (Slamming Ovation)

BAM! Here is the trailer of Slaande Ovatie (Slamming Ovation). Director: Jorinde Keesmaat