Tour Kunst in de Kamer

01-03-2017 22:17

Practically on your audience’s lap? Or your audience on yours? Only in ‘Kunst in de Kamer’. In ‘Kunst in de Kamer’ (loosely translated as ‘Art at Home’) all sorts of performance art, cabaret, poetry, music and more, is being performed in the intimate setting of the living room. Art at Home, so to say! This season, we are invited to tour about 30 different living rooms that join ‘Kunst in de Kamer’. From Beek-Ubbergen to Loenen aan de Vecht, from our hometown Den Haag even to Antwerpen; many different places where we are received by friendly hosts and hostesses and where we play for an average of 50 people in the audience. In March, we will play as many as five house concerts! Check our calendar if you want to know exactly where we are!

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Our next performance:

Sun 26 March 2017

03:00 PM

Opening 'Mondriaan tot Vughts Design'

Helvoirtseweg 5
5261 CA Vught

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Beth & Flo: F. Poulenc - Capriccio d'après le Bal masqué

Live recording of pianoduo Beth & Flo in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 18th January 2017. F. Poulenc: Capriccio d'après le Bal masqué.

Recording with special thanks to Blink. (

Beth & Flo: R. Naeff - The Aftermath

Recording of pianoduo Beth & Flo: R. Naeff - The Aftermath.

Beth & Flo: A. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance op. 72 no. 2 in e minor

Recording of Pianoduo Beth & Flo: A. Dvorak - Slavonic Dance op. 72 no. 2 in e minor.

Beth & Flo: EYE Filmbal 2016

We made our own soundtrack for the silent film 'Le Charmeur' (1907) based on works of Poulenc, Chopin, Shostakovich en Debussy.

Beth & Flo: The trailer of Slaande Ovatie (Slamming Ovation)

BAM! Here is the trailer of Slaande Ovatie (Slamming Ovation). Director: Jorinde Keesmaat