The cheapest piano you can buy!

24-04-2017 22:18

Exactly one year ago, in the spring of 2016, we were fully absorbed in preparing the recordings we were about to make. All day long, you’d hear Debussy, Liszt, Brahms and Dvorak when you approached our practise rooms. And then, in the first week of May, we locked ourselves in in a pretty, small church with a big grand piano: ‘het Witte Kerkje’ in Baarn, a town near Utrecht. Together with Ernst Coutinho of EC Recording, we started to work. Intensive days, but wonderful. It is wonderful to work on such beautiful music together!

And in fact, we worked together with many more people. Because this entire project was financed by crowdfunding! Thanks to the crowdfunding platform voordekunst, we discovered to our enormous joy and gratefulness, that over 100 people were enthusiastic and wanted to support our recording project. Wow, what a feeling! Especially since we did not want to make a CD, but something else, something special… And here it is, our ‘Vleugeltje Klassiek’: a USB-stick shaped like a tiny ‘vleugel’; a tiny grand piano.

You can order our ‘Vleugeltje Klassiek’ online. This page shows you how and tells you more about what exactly we recorded on the USB’s. So if you would like to have one, order it now! Then you will soon have the quite unique opportunity of finding a grand piano on your doormat!

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