18th of January: Het Concertgebouw

01-02-2017 12:26

On 18 January 2017, we gave a concert in the Recital Hall of Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. It was absolutely fantastic!!! The hall and the acoustics are so beautiful, the audience was so enthusiastic, the grand pianos so wonderful to play, we were the happiest pianists in the world. We played Shostakovich, Naeff, Dvorak and Poulenc and we enjoyed it all. That stage underneath our feet, where so many great musicians have stood before us… and now, we were standing and playing there!

As gold foil on the chandelier, the concert was filmed for Kazoo, the educational project of Het Concertgebouw. Children in primary schools will soon be able to watch our full concert during music class! Of course, we hope to be able to show you something of this as well!

We still feel the thrill of playing in Het Concertgebouw. We are super happy and grateful that we got the chance to play in the Recital Hall! An experience that we keep in our concert backpack with a golden lining and a red velvet ribbon! (Right, the golden linings and red velvet may not quite be visible on the picture below, but surely they are there. :)

Lots of love!

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